Precision for Pharmacy

Real time analytics meets clinical pharmacy

Precision provides unprecedented visibility of patient need and staff workload to clinical pharmacy staff. This enables enhanced patient safety and workforce utilisation, empowering clinical staff to make informed decisions about patient care.

How can Precision help your pharmacy team?

Staff Optimisation

As part of the medicines optimisation strategy, there is a key focus in ensuring that pharmacy staff are present at all parts of the patient journey in secondary care. PRECISION will enable automated staff deployment in hospitals at a regional and ward level and to improve resource management of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Optimised Patient Care

PRECISION allows your team to track and trace key elements of the inpatient stay. PRECISION will automatically generate important tasks based on hospital and patient events. This ensures full transparency of patient needs while hugely reducing administrative burden.

Stratify and Prioritise

PRECISION enables pharmacists to zero-in on particular patient tags and conditions such as Kidney Disease, Specialist Medications, IV Anti-Infectives, Adherence Issues, and any areas of interest to you and your team. This ensures that patients are seen by the right pharmacist at the right time.

Enhanced Communication and Visibility

The highly intuitive task request/ task assignment system enables management and peer to peer task request and assignment. This facilitates communication between staff of needs and requirements, optimising efficiency and enabling pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to function as a team and focus on patient care in an optimal manner.

The enhanced visibility also greatly facilitates staff handover ensuring all staff have visibility of patients and their needs in the system.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

PRECISION can provide your pharmacy service with benchmark operational data on

Current volumes of admissions,
MedRec completions
High-complexity patients,
AKI, Specialist Medications and other tags…
…all viewable in an intuitive dashboard that gathers, analyses and reports on the indicators that matter most to you and your team.

Research and quality improvement

In addition to KPI reporting, users can interrogate PRECISION for data pertaining to length of stay, Readmission, Counselling, Tags, Renal Care, Polypharmacy Management, and many other areas that will help your pharmacy department plan and design your service in the most patient-centric manner.

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