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AI-enhanced insight

Uncover the real story in your data.

Where will your story lead you?

We are the experts in AI-enhanced search and discovery. By combining data enrichment, hybrid search and AI-processed output we provide our clients with a unique and competitive advantage.

Connected insights and deeper understanding, on a grand scale.

Using data to deliver financial efficiency and social value  

We empower government and public sector organisations to make informed decisions, improve service delivery, and drive positive change for the communities they serve.

Data-driven efficiencies to help organisations reach net-zero

We help organisations meet sustainability and net-zero objectives through the intelligent and responsible application of data and data-driven technologies.

Fuelling the transport industry with data solutions

Helping transport and logistics companies thrive whilst also achieving their decarbonisation goals through data.

Wish you were here? When you see our impact, you will

By unlocking valuable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and performance metrics, we empower tourism organisations to make informed decisions, enhance visitor experiences and drive sustainable growth.

Make the news by uncovering hidden insights

Our innovative AI-enabled search & discovery platform assists media organisations to identify new story leads, relevant information and time sensitive alerts.

National Broadcaster

Using knowledge graphs to support investigative journalists uncover hidden knowledge and connections that create compelling stories

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Using AI to Identify Story Leads in Investigative Journalism

Who we work with

Our solutions have delivered transformative outcomes for our clients in Sustainability, Manufacturing, Finance, Government, Media, Technology, and Education.
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