September 11th, 2019

Transform your data into valuable business insights.

Described by Tech Nation as one of the UK's 'innovative AI companies to watch in 2020', Analytics Engines can help your business do more with data.

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Our team will help you to discover the value of your data. Contact us today using the form below to arrange a free data consultation.

Analytics Engines create
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Trusted by organisations including The National Gallery and Innovate UK, our collaborative team is committed to driving value from data and delivering customer success. Find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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Our Expertise.

Leveraging data from any source, our solutions empower customers with the valuable insights they need, when they need them. Created with usability in mind, our low-code, no-code data analytics solutions enable domain experts to do what they do best.


Innovative Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies that help to automate time and labour-intensive processes.

Data Integration​

Connect data from a range of data sources to provide you with the clarity, insight and intelligence that you need.

Computer Vision​

See the whole picture. Intelligent machine learning algorithms that can help you to quantify and understand the world around you.

Data Science​

Understand your organisation better. Empower decision making through the intelligent use of data.

Semantic Search

State-of-the-art semantic search adds context to your queries and surfaces the information that you need.

Text Analytics​

Transform unstructured text into quantitative data that provides the insight to drive decisions.

Graph Analytics​

Intuitive graph analytics helps you understand how disparate entities and data points are connected.


Powerful data visualisations and dashboards provide the intelligence that you need, quickly and clearly.

Analytics Engines is trusted by

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Tourism Northern Ireland | Analytics Engines
Queen's University Belfast | Analytics Engines
Belfast City Council | Analytics Engines
RTE | Analytics Engines
Coriolis Technologies | Analytics Engines
Education Authoirty | Analytics Engines
Innovate UK | Analytics Engines
WHSCT | Analytics Engines
Northern Ireland Audit Office | Analytics Engines
Education Authoirty | Analytics Engines
Northern Ireland Audit Office | Analytics Engines

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