Analytics Engines at South By Southwest

This year we had the pleasure of attending South by Southwest. While I had always known of SxSW as a great music festival, I had never actually attended and hadn’t realised how much the interactive/digital side of the festival had grown. There was an amazing line-up of talks and delegates from every walk of life. There aren’t many conferences in which you can attend talks on healthcare and health then pop into a talk by Frank Ox, the voice of Yoda and many of the Muppets!

From our perspective, we were there to talk to people about healthcare, health analytics, and life sciences… and there were plenty of people to talk to. From major healthcare providers across the US to Biotech and Pharma companies, there was a huge amount of interest in what we were showing. Our approach to health analytics which is focused on providers and outcomes seems to really resonate.

One particular highlight for us was being picked up by NewsWatch TV as one of the highlights of SxSW. They ran a feature on us on their business report which airs on the AMC network in the US.  If you have a few minutes, check out the video.

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