Big Data Belfast 2017 – Life less complicated

Big Data Belfast 2017 | Analytics Engines

Big Data Belfast, October 19th 2017, Titanic Belfast Data analytics has reached a level where we can automate much of our workload and make better, more informed decisions around the important aspects of our lives, such as health, work, travel and our environment. So while the technologies might be working harder, if we use them […]

Time well spent

Time Well Spent | Analytics Engines

Recently I was listening to a fascinating podcast with Tristan Harris . Tristan used to work in Google and held the title “Design Ethicist” and if that job title alone isn’t enough to pique your interest then I don’t know what will. Harris has recently got a lot of coverage from his ideas, notably, he was […]

The Importance of Data in Healthcare

The Importance of Data in Healthcare | Analytics Engines

Scene…. A patient walks into their doctor’s surgery for their regularly scheduled check-up. The reception staff greet the patient by name and direct them to a pleasant waiting room. Two minutes later, the doctor calls the patient into the office. After greeting the patient and some perfunctory small talk, they get down to business. “OK, […]

Changing the way we change things

Changing the way we change things | Analytics Engines

Why Big Data Analytics needs to be looked at differently BDA is used in everything from TV show development to big pharma testing, and while everyone is trying or at least considering jumping on the bandwagon when you get right down to it, most people and organisations don’t really know what they want to do […]