Big Data Belfast 2017 – Life Less Complicated

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Big Data Belfast, October 19th 2017, Titanic Belfast

Data analytics has reached a level where we can automate much of our workload and make better, more informed decisions around the important aspects of our lives, such as health, work, travel and our environment. So while the technologies might be working harder, if we use them correctly, we can make our own lives better, easier and overall, less complicated.

Come to Big Data Belfast to learn how to make your Life less Complicated and hear from experts and discuss with colleagues the following themes:

  • Health – Using data to improve our health and wellbeing and make outcome and patient focussed decisions.
  • Smart Cities – How can we use analytics to make our population centres better places to live, whether it’s our commute to work, pollution levels or economic development
  • GDPR – How will the new regulations, focussed on ensuring people own their data, impact your business and your life?
  • Data for Good – How can analytics be used for maximum impact in social enterprise and charity? Optimising use of resources, measuring impact for funding applications, making a real difference to those lives who need it the most.
  • Big Data for Business – Hear from companies who have used data to successfully disrupt industries and drive efficiencies, allowing companies and their people to focus on challenges that are more interesting!
  • Technology Showcase – See, try and discuss the latest tech in this space from Angular to R, Hololens to Hadoop.

The aim of this event is to drive thought leadership in one of the most exciting and expansive business clusters based in Northern Ireland and improve the presence of Northern Ireland plc on the global stage.

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