Analytics Driving Smart Cities in Ireland

Analytics Engines Takes COBALT ID to UK Smart Cities Trade Mission in Dublin

A pilot project commencing with Dublin City Council will use COBALT ID, Analytics Engines’ predictive analytics tool for Smart Cities, to measure, map and predict likely locations for fly-tipping, enabling effective and efficient deployment of resources to act and prevent illegal dumping of waste.

Conor Dumigan and Laura Moore from Analytics Engines’ Smart Cities team explained to the technology focused audience how Analytics Engines had worked with Dublin City Council via an SBIR programme to develop the system. A clip of the event can be seen here on RTE.

In addition to mapping the dumping hotspots, additional data is brought in from various other sources, both open and proprietary data, to look for patterns in dumping and potential causes, in order that the route problems can be addressed more effectively.

Another solution was presented by Skytango, who proposed using drones to provide live footage for prosecutions. A combination of these two technologies would be a powerful toolkit in providing a cleaner environment in urban areas, and it’s great to see Dublin leading the way in this space.

Robin Barnett CMG, UK Ambassador to Ireland, hosted the event attended by leaders in the fields of Energy, Engineering, Town Planning and of course Data Analytics. With that said, the data analytics piece works across sectors, as it underpins all Smart Cities initiatives, and Analytics Engines are unique on the Island of Ireland, having worked with both Belfast and Dublin councils on their flagship initiatives.


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