What we’ve been reading this week – 28th March 2019

We ended last week with a fantastic article from Towards Data Science that looked at Data Visualization in Music.

Unfortunately, we came across the article after we had posted our reading list last week, however we found it too interesting not to share. The videos showcased in the article highlight the unique perspective data analytics and data visualisations can provide us.

On Tuesday, we showcased PRECISION for Pharmacy at the Pharmacy Management 1st Celtic Conference in Edinburgh. So this piece in the MIT Technology Review caught our eye as it considers how pharma can use AI and machine learning to reverse the effects of ‘Eroom’s Law’.

Arriving on the day that the UK was initially slated to depart the European Union, the World Economic Forum asks, ‘Would AI be better at governing than politicians?’ Their post references the European Tech Insights Report which found that one-in-three people surveyed in the UK are ‘somewhat or totally in favour of letting an artificial intelligence make important decisions about the running of their country’ (below).


We continued our ongoing blog series this week looking at how utilising data can empower organisations to make better decisions. We looked at how to prepare your data and the various things to be considered before beginning your data journey.

Finally, we came across a neat BBC timeline on the history of machine learning which includes this gem from one of their radio producers: “He has a lively mind but I am very doubtful about him.” The interviewee who failed to impress? The father of modern computing, Alan Turing.

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