Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Join us at 11 am on Tuesday 4th August for “Finding a Needle in a Haystack: How Text Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation can deliver comprehensive insight into large volumes of documents”.

As part of this webinar, we’ll be discussing the ways by which Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Text Analytics are enabling organisations to automate time and labour-intensive processes and to extract meaningful, actionable insights from their data and documents.

We’ll be joined by James Danek, Applications & Assessment Team Leader at Innovate UK, to showcase how our solution, Cobalt Grant Manager, has helped to transform operations at Innovate UK and how the solution has helped the organisation respond to some of the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. A white paper detailing the impact of Cobalt Grant Manager in response to the pandemic can be downloaded using the button below.


James will be joined by experts from the Analytics Engines team, including Head of Engineering, Paul Barber, Head of Data Solutions, Conor Dumigan and Chief Technical Officer, Alastair McKinley.

Key learnings for webinar attendees will include:

  1. Understanding unstructured data
    How organisations can leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Text Analytics to process and extract valuable insights from large volumes of unstructured data.
  2. Enhancing business processes
    Understand how intelligent systems can help to enhance existing businesses processes by enabling users to more quickly identify and extract information that is relevant to them.
  3. Automating processes & improving efficiency
    How Artificial Intelligence can enable organisations to transform and automate a number of time & labour-intensive processes.
  4. Adapting to the needs of the user using machine learning
    How deep learning models and case-specific rules can help organisations to identify insights and intelligence relevant to their specific needs.
  5. Reducing risk & identifying fraud
    Gain insights into how text analytics & similarity checks can help organisations to reduce risk and identify fraud.
  6. Creating a secure & scalable solution
    Creating a system that is able to scale as the needs of the organisation grow.
  7. Understanding the impact of data
    Understanding the impact that data analytics can have and how organisations can apply data analytics to their own business processes.

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