‘My advice is don’t be scared of seeking funding’

On Friday 25th August, Analytics Engines Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Dr Scott Fischaber took part in a panel session titled ‘For Entrepreneurs Timing is Everything—Challenges and Opportunities for Start-ups in a Pandemic’ as part of a virtual event organised by New York-based publisher The Irish Echo.

The Big Irish American Campfire virtual forum – which opened with a welcome address by Irish President Michael D Higgins – showcased Irish American organisations and entrepreneurs across the US to provide a comprehensive picture of the scale and scope of the community.

Scott was joined by Alison Darcy, Founder and President at Woebot Health, and Colm Long, Managing Director at Clairmar Consulting. Hosted by entrepreneur Séamus McAteer, the panel discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurial start-ups and early-stage companies.

Key Lessons

  1. Identifying Winning Ideas (12min 50secs)
    Colm Long outlines his approach to selecting industry winning start-ups and the importance of strong teams when delivering great ideas.
  2. Funding Challenges (16min 55secs)
    Alison Darcy discusses the challenges of raising funding during periods of uncertainty and the importance of good timing.
  3. Transforming IP to Product (24min 28secs)
    Scott Fischaber discusses the work that Analytics Engines have done in order to transform its IP into a marketable product and engaging with VC’s and the market.

“My advice is don’t be scared of seeking funding… and have conversations with VCs earlier rather than later. You never know where those conversations might lead or who they will introduce you to,” said Scott.

The full webinar can be viewed via the video below.

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