Using Artificial Intelligence to monitor Food Fraud Risks

Food Fraud | Analytics Engines

Established under the auspices of EIT Food in 2018, EIT Food Fortress is a collaborative pan-European project, consisting of businesses and research institutes committed to improving the safety and security of the food chain. Working alongside EIT Food Fortress partners including Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queen’s University Belfast, ABP Food Group, AZTI, […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to help improve Road Quality

Road Quality | Analytics Engines

Potholes are a major issue for local councils and road users across the UK and Ireland, causing damage vehicles, injuries to passengers and impacting on local economic performance. According to the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) most recent Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey, there are 7,240 fewer miles of road reported to be in […]

Reducing four days’ work to a matter of minutes

Innovate UK | Analytics Engines

Described as “the United Kingdom’s innovation agency”, Innovate UK is a non-departmental public body designed to stimulate the economy by driving innovation in the marketplace. In 2017, the rising volume of applications led Innovate UK to consider a data solution capable of transforming the way by which their assessment team processed and managed applications. Analytics […]

A data solution to help optimise Facilities Management

Facilities Management FacilitiesIQ is a facilities management solution (CAFM) that provides comprehensive insight into room utilisation, allowing estates and building managers to more efficiently manage space, staff and energy use. It also allows organisations to more effectively plan and design future space usage. Features FacilitiesIQ provides: –     a real-time view of occupancy versus capacity […]

A data solution that connects over 20 billion data points

20 billion data points | Analytics Engines

Coriolis Technologies is a leading source of data and analytics as a service for trade professionals. ‘MultiLateral’ is the technology platform behind Coriolis that’s designed to “turn billions of unconnected data points into accurate insight, analysis and solutions”. The platform supports customers interested in geopolitical risk, trade opportunities and macroeconomic factors and who are making […]

A data solution that helps to improve Visitor Experience at The National Gallery London

Visitor Experience at The National Gallery | Analytics Engines

Improving Visitor Experience Founded in 1824, The National Gallery is situated in London’s Trafalgar Square and counts some of the world’s best-loved paintings among its 2,300-strong collection In August 2018, Analytics Engines was appointed as partner to develop a data solution for the Gallery. ‘Perspective’ is an analytics solution which allows stakeholders to make data-driven […]

COBALT identified £500k in additional revenue from unpaid non-domestic rates

Analytics Engines | Belfast Rates Maximization

The Challenge Belfast City Council estimated that the total losses from uncollected non-domestic rates were in the region of £1.5 million per year. A solution was needed to help maximise rates revenue for the city. The Solution The COBALT Rates Revenue Tool allows councils to maximise revenue available to spend on vital public services. It […]

Hospital Pharmacy Staff Deployment

Analytics Engines | Clinical Pharmacy

Background Medicines are the most common medical interventions used in the health service with an annual expenditure in Northern Ireland of over £550 million. However, evidence has demonstrated that there is significant variance in best practice relating to the appropriate safe and effective use of medicines, with many people not taking their medicines as prescribed, […]