Reducing four days’ work to a matter of minutes

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Described as “the United Kingdom’s innovation agency”, Innovate UK is a non-departmental public body designed to stimulate the economy by driving innovation in the marketplace.

In 2017, the rising volume of applications led Innovate UK to consider a data solution capable of transforming the way by which their assessment team processed and managed applications.

Analytics Engines devised COBALT Grant Manager – a solution which utilises machine learning and text analytics to automate the process of grant application checking and assessor matching and to assist in identifying fraudulent submissions.


–     More robust fraud detection
–     Increased efficiency and allocation of resources
–     Improved accuracy compared with manual assessment
–     4 days’ work reduced to a matter of minutes


“The Analytics Engines team have been extremely communicative and supportive throughout the process and were very keen to find ways to assist and support us.

“Building that kind of relationship has been very helpful from my perspective. What it means is that we have a team of people that we can rely upon to get things done with a limited amount of oversight from us.”

James Danek
Applications and Assessment Team Leader
Innovate UK

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