A data solution that connects over 20 billion data points

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Coriolis Technologies is a leading source of data and analytics as a service for trade professionals.

‘MultiLateral’ is the technology platform behind Coriolis that’s designed to “turn billions of unconnected data points into accurate insight, analysis and solutions”.

The platform supports customers interested in geopolitical risk, trade opportunities and macroeconomic factors and who are making major strategic decisions. The customers are banks and trade finance professionals, as well as large and small businesses making investment decisions.

In February 2019, Analytics Engines was appointed to support the next phase of development for MultiLateral and enable Coriolis to realise its ambitions for the product.

The Challenge

Analytics Engines was tasked with:

  • ingesting and maintaining up-to-date trade data from the United Nations Comtrade Database
  • integrating the proprietary Coriolis algorithms to facilitate increased accuracy
  • creating an intuitive visualisation capability ensuring end-users can isolate specific data for in-depth analysis.

The Solution

The engineering team’s first task was to build infrastructure to ingest data and keep it suitably prepped for the application of refinement algorithms.

The focus lay on properly architecting and designing systems tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. This approach meant the client was not over-burdened with hardware and ensured the solution was addressed within a robust data software solution.

The engineering team then focused on optimising processes and improving the debug plug cycle to faithfully implement the Coriolis algorithms.

The team then moved quickly towards building an intuitive visualisation in collaboration with Coriolis.


The project demonstrates a number of the key strengths of Analytics Engines, including:

  1. Extract, Transform, Load | the team solved the technical challenges surrounding data processing, visualisations and the infrastructure requirements and discovery.
  2. Visualisations | the team created a wizard that enables users to create a highly personalised, specific and insightful ‘window on the world’.
  3. Collaboration | the team worked very closely in conjunction with Coriolis throughout the R&D process.
  4. UX capability | the team moved beyond the technical features to properly understand benefits to the end-user.

The solution allows visualisations to be created in just a few seconds and delivers a rapid response to the user query. This means companies optimise the decision-making process and create tangible value for business organisations.


According to Coriolis Technologies CEO Dr Rebecca Harding: “The team has a very can-do approach and clearly understood the concept of data-as-a-service. The conversations that we’ve had around the features and functionality of the platform have been both very stimulating and intellectually challenging. This allowed us to be more ambitious with the product and for our clients.

“I would recommend Analytics Engines for its intellectual capacity and drive to move a project from the original vision through to new levels of potential. The team at Analytics Engines has more than exceeded expectations,” said Rebecca.

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For more information about Analytics Engines’ solutions and to find out how we can support your organisation throughout its data journey, please contact us on 028 9066 9022 or datajourneys@analyticsengines.com

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