Webinar | Finding a Needle in a Haystack Pt. 2

We invite you to join us on Tuesday 17th November at 11am for the second webinar in our “Finding a Needle in a Haystack” webinar series.

In response to recent “Value of Data” survey, 67.5% of respondents stated that they see “Empowered Decision-Making” as being one of the greatest benefits to applying data analytics and emerging technologies to their organisation, a response that aligns closely with a 2019 report from Gartner which found that 70% of chief auditors are more likely to act on recommendations based on data-driven insights.

Similarly, 53.8% of respondents that did not have a data analytics or emerging technologies solution in place stated that being ‘unable to access the appropriate resources such as staff or technical infrastructure’ limited or prevented their organisation’s adoption rate.

With that in mind, this webinar will explore the growing market demand for Low-code, No-code data analytics solutions and showcase a number of real-world examples of these solutions in action. We’ll explore there impact and discuss how they’ve helped to bridge the data science skills gap and empower business experts.

In addition, we’ll be joined by leading international economist, specialist in trade finance, and Coriolis Technologies founder, Dr Rebecca Harding. Her media work includes BBC Business LIVE, The Ian King Show, Sky News, Radio 5 live, Newsnight, Radio 4 and BBC World. Rebecca is a regular guest anchor on CNBC’s Squawk Box and is a regular reviewing the papers on BBC’s The Briefing.

Rebecca will discuss the ways by which a low code, no code trade finance solution enables analysts to draw meaningful insights from complex global com-trade data, quickly and clearly.

Key lessons for webinar attendees will include:

  • How low-code, no-code data analytics solutions are helping to bridge the data science skills gap
  • How low-code, no-code data analytics solutions are empowering business experts with the intelligence they need to de-risk decision-making
  • How data analytics solutions reduce complexity and provide insights into large scale, structured & unstructured datasets
  • How these solutions integrate with and enhance existing processes and workflows.

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