Key Lessons from ‘Finding a Needle in a Haystack Part 2’

On Tuesday 17th November, Analytics Engines hosted the second webinar in their ‘Finding a Needle in a Haystack’ webinar series.

As part of the webinar, we explored the growing demand for Low-code, No-code data analytics solutions and showcased real-world examples of these solutions in action. We explored their impact and discussed how these types of solutions are helping to bridge the data science skills gap and empower business experts.

Alongside Analytics Engines Chief Technology Officer, Dr Alastair McKinley and Chief Commercial Officer, Brendan McCarthy, we were delighted to be joined by Economist and Coriolis Technologies CEO and Founder, Dr Rebecca Harding.

During the webinar, Rebecca discussed how MultiLateral, a low-code, no-code trade finance solution, developed in partnership between Analytics Engines and Coriolis Technologies, provides her and her team with meaningful insights into complex global trade data.

The full webinar can be viewed via the video below.

For anyone interested in trade finance, Coriolis Technologies will be running their second virtual conference – Future of Strategy 2020; Trade, Intelligence and Security – from November 23 to November 26. Click this link for more information and registration details.

Key Lessons

  1. Finding a Needle in a Haystack [@3m00s]
    Dr Rebecca Harding begins by highlighting the scale of the trade finance marketplace and by discussing some of the challenges they faced in designing a solution.
  2. Solution in Action – MultiLateral [@6m15s]
    Rebecca showcases MultiLateral in more detail, outlining the ways by which MultiLateral helps her and her team to draw meaningful insights from complex geo-political and trade finance data, quickly and clearly.
  3. 20 Billion Datapoints [@16m00s]
    Rebecca concludes her section by responding to a number of questions from webinar host, Geoff McGimpsey. She outlines the scale of the data processed by the solution stating that “at a six-digit product code level, we are looking at, in excess of 20 billion at any one point in time”.
  4. Data in Motion [@18m55s]
    Analytics Engines, Chief Commercial Officer, Brendan McCarthy explores the concept of ‘Data in Motion’, outlining that in order for data to be valuable to an organisation, it has to be understood and refined in a meaningful way.
  5. Market Drivers [@20m40s]
    Brendan explores the growing market demand for data analytics and discusses some of the factors that limiting adoption and growth. Brendan highlights the growing demand Data Scientists and Data Engineers, citing a 2019 report from The Royal Society which found that demand for these roles grew significantly between 2013 and 2018.
  6. Empowering Business Experts [@24m45s]
    Brendan discusses the ways by which low-code, no-code data analytics solutions can help organisations to overcome these challenges and skills shortages, by empowering business specialists and domain experts with the tools and resources they need to use data in a meaningful way.
  7. Solution in Action – MINERVA [@25m50s]
    Alastair concludes the session with a demo of MINERVA, a low-code, no-code corporate search and discovery tool that enables users to surface previously unseen (or deliberately hidden) connections and identify potential third-party risk by showing linkages between individuals, organisations, places, events and documents.
  8. Conclusions and Q&A [@43m52s]
    Geoff concludes the webinar by highlighting some of the key lessons before breaking into a short Q&A session with the panellists.

Additional Resources

A Case Study detailing how MultiLateral helps to support Coriolis Technologies can be downloaded using the link below.

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