Analytics Engines CTO set to join AI Con 2020 panel

On Friday 4th December 2020 at 9.25am, Analytics Engines Chief Technology Officer, Dr Alastair McKinley will take part in a panel discussion titled ‘Applied AI’ as part of AI CON 2020.

Alastair will be joined by Sonraí Analytics Head of Data Science, Matthew Alderdice; CattleEye Founder, Terry Canning; Tech Nation AI Programme Executive Ria Khan; and Cervest Chief Product and Technology Officer Alex Rahin.

The panel is the latest in a series of thought leadership opportunities led by the company’s senior team covering AI and its business application.

Last week, Alastair contributed to our webinar titled ‘Finding a Needle in a Haystack Part 2‘, which explored the growing demand for Low-code, No-code data analytics solutions and showcased real-world examples of these solutions in action.

Alastair showcased how the MINERVA platform; a low-code, no-code corporate search and discovery tool that utilises Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graph Technologies is enabling users to surface previously unseen patterns, connections and behaviours.

And earlier this month, Chief Commercial Officer Brendan McCarthy spoke with Jason Walsh in the Sunday Business Post about how the company’s innovative approach to deploying AI and data technologies is powering comprehensive new insights and business decisions.

About AI CON 2020

AI CON brings together developers, creatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders who have led on adopting AI as a tool to build better services, products and businesses. AI CON 2020 is free to attend and takes place virtually on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December 2020. To attend and view the event live click the button below.


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