FinTech Talents North America

On Wednesday 24th March, Analytics Engines will join a delegation of 12 other Northern Irish companies for a virtual conference titled FinTech Talents North America.

The event brings together financial experts working in Credit Unions, Community Banks, and Tier One Financial Institutions.

The event will also showcase a selection of leading financial services companies from Northern Ireland who offer a range of innovative services and solutions for areas including FinTech, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, AI and IoT, servicing banks, corporations, governments and utilities worldwide.

Other companies included in the delegation include AquaQ Analytics, Datactics, Esther, Fern, Funds-Axis, hivera, LoyalBe, Proviso IT, Push Technology, SaltDNA, The Robot Exchange and Vox Financial Partners.

Analytics Engines Chief Commercial Officer, Brendan McCarthy said: “Northern Ireland is fast becoming a global FinTech hub and we are delighted to not only be part of this incredible line-up of local, homegrown companies, but to have the opportunity to showcase the innovation and expertise that Northern Ireland has to offer to the financial sector and beyond”.

Published by FINTECH NI last November, the 2020 Northern Ireland FinTech Ecosystem Report recognises Analytics Engines as a key player in the sector’s technology and infrastructure.

With the HM Treasury UK FinTech Strategic Review expected to conclude early in 2021, the report’s authors say the “findings and recommendations from the report provide us with a clear basis to represent a view of the needs of the FinTech ecosystem here in Northern Ireland”.

To download the report and its recommendations, please click here.

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