Finding Value in the Noise – Analytics Institute Webinar 6th May

On Thursday 6th May 2021, Analytics Engines will join IMGS for an event hosted by the Analytics Institute of Ireland. Each presentation will explore a specific aspect of the data analytics environment, offering critical insights into the impact these technologies can have on an organisation.

Data in Perspective – Finding value in the noise

Analytics Engines’ Chief Commercial Officer Brendan McCarthy and Chief Technology Officer Alastair McKinley will discuss the technical and operational impacts of adopting a data analytics and visualisation solution.

During the presentation, they’ll showcase how technologies such as Knowledge Graphs can enable users to bring together and understand relationships within large datasets.

They’ll also discuss how golden data records can provide an organisation with valuable business insights and intelligence but highlight how raw data has the potential to surface patterns and behaviours that might otherwise have been missed.

Driving Analytics Adoption through Embedded Analytics

IMGS will explore the world of embedded analytics and will discuss how the next generation of analytics will not be standalone dashboards but integrated analytics. They will showcase how the adoption of analytics is greatly increased by the embedding of analytics into enterprise systems.

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This event is free and is open to Analytics Institutes members only. To learn more and to register to attend, book your place using the button below.

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