Key Insights from “Finding Value in the Noise” Webinar

On Thursday 6th May 2021, Analytics Engines’ Chief Commercial Officer Brendan McCarthy and Chief Technology Officer Alastair McKinley took part in a webinar hosted by the Analytics Institute of Ireland.

The presentation, titled ‘Data in Perspective – Finding value in the noise’, explored the growing demand for data analytics solutions and considered how “raw” data can provide organisations with insight into the complex relationships that exist in siloed datasets.

The webinar also featured a presentation by Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director at IMGS. Their presentation explored the world of embedded analytics and discussed how the next generation of analytics will not be standalone dashboards but integrated analytics.

Key Insights

  1. Data Analytics as a Core Business Function (@26min 10secs)
    Brendan begins by exploring the growing industry demand for data analytics and suggests that they will soon sit alongside areas such as “sales”, “IT” and “HR” as a core business function.
  2. Tomorrow’s Challenges (@28mins 30secs)
    Brendan explores some of the challenges that organisations hoping to adopt data analytics as a core business function are likely to encounter on their data journey.
  3. Finding Value in the Noise (@31min)
    Brendan concludes his portion of the presentation with a short illustrative example that shows how relying on ‘Golden Records’ can often eliminate critical information.
  4. Knowledge Graphs (@33min 25secs)
    Alastair begins his portion of the presentation by showcasing how knowledge graphs can enable organisations to explore and understand the relationships that exist between siloed datasets.
  5. Use Cases (@41min 40secs)
    Alastair presents several real-world use cases that highlight the value that can exist in the “noise”. Alastair showcases how maintaining the integrity of the source data, our MINERVA platform has been able to identify potential instances of money laundering, corporate fraud and public sector corruption.
  6. Demo (@47mins)
    Alastair concludes the presentation with a short demo of our MINERVA platform, highlighting its ability to search for patterns and behaviour as well as individual entities.

The webinar can be viewed in full via Inspire Event Embedded Analytics and Knowledge Graphs

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