Who We Are.

Our expert team delivers creative, agile data solutions that are as unique as the challenges they solve.

Empowering Change through Data.

Specialists in data integration, machine learning, AI, in-depth analytics and visualisations, Analytics Engines offers complete end-to-end solution capability leveraging connected technology and data analysis to deliver better insights and outcomes for customers. We are obsessive about data, dedicated to problem-solving and passionate about driving customer success.

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The National Gallery | Analytics Engines
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Queen's University Belfast | Analytics Engines
Belfast City Council | Analytics Engines
RTE | Analytics Engines
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Education Authoirty | Analytics Engines
Northern Ireland Audit Office | Analytics Engines

Success Stories.


Connecting 20 Billion Data to create a Window on the Trading World.

Coriolis Technologies

‘MultiLateral’ is the technology platform behind Coriolis that’s designed to “turn billions of unconnected data points into accurate insight, analysis and solutions”.


Ensuring patients are seen by the Right Pharmacist at the Right Time.


PRECISION for Pharmacy is a clinical pharmacy workflow management solution specifically designed to meet the unique demands of a hospital environment.

Public Sector

Reducing 4 Days' work to a matter of minutes.

Innovate UK

In 2017, the rising volume of applications led Innovate UK to consider a data solution capable of transforming the way by which their assessment team processed and managed applications.


The Holy Grail for Facilities Management.

Queen's University

FacilitiesIQ is a facilities management solution (CAFM) that provides comprehensive insight into room utilisation, allowing estates and building managers to more efficiently manage space, staff and energy use.


Helping to Improve Visitor Experience at The National Gallery London

The National Gallery

‘Perspective’ is an analytics solution which allows stakeholders to make data-driven strategic decisions by harnessing and examining data from a disparate range of sources

Smart Cities

Identifying £500k in additional revenue from unpaid rates.

Belfast City Council

The COBALT Rates Revenue Tool allows councils to maximise revenue available to spend on vital public services.

Our Leadership Team.

Our driving ethos of innovation, creativity and continuous learning creates an environment where we can deliver new approaches and find new levels of possibility for our customers.

Dr Aislinn Rice.
Managing Director

Dr Scott Fischaber.
Chief Operations Officer

Martin McCartan.
Head of Engineering

Dr Alastair McKinley.
Chief Technology Officer

Geoff McGimpsey.
Head of Marketing

What our customers say.

One of the best things about working with Analytics Engines is that everybody has been flexible and adaptable. Any time an issue came up that could have been blocker, everyone at Analytics Engines was really quick to find solutions and find an approach that worked. That was the reason why we were able to launch the solution as quickly as we could.

Casey Scott-Songin
Senior Manager Data & Insights
The National Gallery London
The Analytics Engines team have been extremely communicative and supportive throughout the process and were very keen to find ways to assist and support us.

James Danek
Applications & Assessment Team Leader
Innovate UK
Analytics Engines has a very can-do approach and clearly understood the concept of data-as-a-service. The conversations that we’ve had around the features and functionality of the platform have been both very stimulating and intellectually challenging. This allowed us to be more ambitious for the product and for our clients.

Dr Rebecca Harding
Chief Executive Officer
Coriolis Technologies
I would recommend working with Analytics Engines for their ability to quickly turn data into practical, actionable insight.

Damien Toner
Director of Estates
Queen's University Belfast