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AI Search Platform

Transformative insights

Our AI-enhanced insights bring better context and deeper meaning to our clients’ data. The insights are relevant and unrivalled. It keeps us ahead. Keeps our clients’ ahead too.

Our AI Search Engine has evolved from years of working with our customers to solve difficult, large-scale search and discovery problems. With bespoke integration into our customer’s infrastructure and workflows, our platform has the capability to address all complex search and discovery requirements.

Unlocking the value in your data

By combining data enrichment techniques with hybrid search capabilities and AI-processed output, our platform addresses customer search needs such as searching at speed across structured and unstructured data sets; efficiently summarising large-scale search results and visualising the insights and outcomes; surfacing previously hidden connections and patterns in data; and providing alerts and notifications of changes to key data sources.


Bespoke and relevant data integrations; internal databases, public data sources, or 3rd party servers. Enhance the data quality and supercharge with enrichments and link records between datasets to provide extra insights.


Enriching the data augments the knowledge available to the system using rules-based, machine learning or AI approaches. Generate metadata which can be used by the platform to search, filter and provide enhanced insights and knowledge.

Hybrid Search

Combine traditional keyword search with AI-enabled semantic search and graph search to find patterns in the data. Improve search relevance by utilising customised enrichments.


AI-based processing that delivers deeper summarisation and contextualisation, enabling your teams to interrogate and visualise data using natural language.

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