Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference in review

Analytics Engines | PRECISION for Pharmacy

Analytics Engines had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference in Edinburgh this week (March 26th 2019). A strongly attended event, there was a lot of great engagement and insights shared on best practice within hospital, primary care and community pharmacy settings. At the conference, we showcased our PRECISION for Pharmacy […]

Making better decisions – Using data to power better decisions

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon near Lunar Module

Whether it be the mundane or the profound, we’re presented with hundreds – if not thousands – of decisions every day. Some of the mundane ones? Take food and drink. How do you like to get your day started: Americano or a flat white; decaf or extra shot; bagels or cereals? Things like this account […]

Using data to improve patient outcomes

Healthcare Analytics SBRI | Analytics Engines

The Analytics Engines team has been involved in a number of Small Research Business Initiatives (SBRIs). What is an SBRI? Government says the: SBRI brings together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions. One of the innovative solutions we produced through the SBRI process evolved into a healthcare product called ‘PRECISION for […]

Turing tests and Turing talks

IBM 'Project Debater' and Harish Natarajan live event at Think 2019 | Analytics Engines

It’s been a big week for artificial intelligence. On Tuesday, an AI system competed with champion debater Harish Natarajan at Think 2019 in San Francisco. The resolution for discussion? ‘We should subsidise preschool.’ The following 56 minutes of live debate was pretty extraordinary. ‘Project Debater’ made a moral and political argument for subsidising preschools. “I […]