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Companies House

Who Owns What?

A Productivity Tool for Anyone Who Spends Too Much Time Using Companies House

WOW (Who Owns What) is an AI-enabled Search & Discovery platform designed to uncover the hidden connections that exist between individuals, businesses, documents, places and events.

WOW intelligently deduplicates and unifies Companies House data to provide you and your teams with a single source of truth. WOW automates and accelerates desk-based research, enabling your business teams to extract the critical intelligence they need to make decisions with greater speed and accuracy.


Our streamlined user interface enables swift identification of vital details like company number, address, status, and more. Access detailed information about current and former officers, PSCs, filings, and accounts within a single environment.


WOW intelligently combines duplicate officer and PSC entries into a single view, improving the accuracy and actionability of Companies House Data, enabling more effective due diligence, independence testing, fraud detection and research.


Gain a clear understanding of a company’s place within its corporate hierarchy with WOW. Whether dealing with parent or child entities, our system reveals their positions at any level within the organisation, ensuring comprehensive corporate insights.


WOW caters to users with demanding data requirements or intricate research needs. Extract and process extensive volumes of data from Companies House quickly and effortlessly, all in just a few seconds.

Uncover Connections in Seconds

Navigating Companies House has never been simpler. With WOW’s intuitive interface, you’ll effortlessly access the information you need to make informed decisions. WOW empowers you and your team to explore comprehensive company information, uncovering hidden trends and connections you never knew existed.

WOW Plus also has the ability to ingest and combine data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured public, private, and third-party data sources to identify the complex links that exist between them.

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