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Human-centric technology

Built for ambitious organisation’s to thrive

We uncover the real value in your data

Our suite of services, modules and IP accelerators reveal new insights, deeper understanding and fresh opportunities for your business.


We work in close partnership with our clients, fostering open communication and joint decision-making to deliver tailored data solutions that address their unique objectives.


Our nimble approach enables us to respond quickly to changing requirements, adopt continuous development, and deliver incremental value while ensuring scalability and adaptability.


We thrive on exploration, constantly uncovering new ways to leverage data and providing cutting-edge solutions that give clients a competitive edge in their industry.

About us

We are experts in Data & AI. But we are also experts in people. In business. In progress.

Our unique accelerator IP allows us to build and deploy solutions much faster, reducing time to value for our clients, ensuring their work gets done, sooner and better. Our solutions uncover decision-critical insights; address complex institutional problems; and solve your most challenging issues. Meaning you get the most value, in the least time.

We work closely with every client to unveil the true value in your data. We are supportive, not invasive. Pathfinders, not followers. We search further and discover more, operating under a show-don’t-tell approach. We get results, while others play catch up.

Why us?

Our difference

We are the market tested leaders. The humanistic touch behind futuristic capabilities. We work with real people, revealing real unknowns, creating real change. Building solutions for longevity, not profit. We take the complex and make it simple.

We are Analytics Engines.

Dr Aislinn Rice

Managing Director

Dr Scott Fischaber

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Alastair McKinley

Chief Technology Officer

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