Data Analytics.

We are data experts. We have significant experience in delivering robust, comprehensive data analytics solutions that help organisations to drive value and optimise performance.

Data Science.

Whether it’s empowering decisions, reducing inefficiency, identifying opportunities or improving customer experience, data is the differentiator. Analytics Engines deliver innovative data analytics solutions that can provide users with the insight and intelligence they need quickly and clearly. Our solutions have helped transform operations across a range of industries including health, public sector, culture, agrifood and finance.


Initially developed as a pilot for Blaenau Gwent and Durham County Councils, DATO is a hybrid solution, that utilises machine learning, image detection technologies and accelerometer data to identify potholes in real-time and highlight and predict road condition over time. Click the button below to download our fact sheet for more information.

Data Integration.

Analytics Engines deliver complex Extract, Transform, Load pipelines that unify and standardise data from a range of sources. Whether IoT data streams or operational databases, online or offline, public or owned, our solutions unify data in a way that provides users with the comprehensive insights they need to make decisions quickly and clearly.


Discover how our solution, Perspective, empowers decision-making at The National Gallery London by connecting data from a range of sources to create a ‘single source of truth’.

Graph Analytics.

Leveraging our existing IP, Analytics Engines deliver connected Knowledge Graph and Graph Analytics solutions that provide users with insight and intelligence into how various entities are connected, across events and data records.

Our solutions enable users to surface patterns and relationships that previously would have been undetected.

Knowledge Graphs.

Our Knowledge Graph technology connects to and merges multiple data sets such as companies registration, court judgements to create a holistic view of relationships and activities to provide deeper and more meaningful insights.

Data Visualisations.

Analytics Engines deliver intuitive data visualisation dashboards that help bring clarity to the complex. We present your data in a way that is clear, relevant and actionable. Created with usability and ease of access in mind, our dashboards help you to make sense of the data that’s important to you.


Discover how our solution for Coriolis Technologies connects over 20 billion data points to provide users with comprehensive insight into complex global trade finance markets, quickly and easily.

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