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AI Strategy

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We're experts in creating AI strategies that future-proof your business and put you ahead of your competitors

An AI strategy is vital to make the right choices around AI adoption within your organisation. Whether it’s Generative AI for internal document analysis using LLMs or Computer Vision for predictive maintenance, we can help you design and build what’s best for your business.

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AI Strategy

AI Discovery

We adapt our approach to each customers business; taking account of your specific commercial, technical and transformational objectives. We help you prioritise the areas with the most potential and assess the value upfront.

AI Assessment

We define your AI readiness by assessing your data, skills, people, policies, processes and infrastructure.

AI Adoption

We refine your business case further, looking at success factors and potential risks and challenges. We create a robust, safe and structured roadmap.

Generative AI

Large Language Models

Large language models excel at understanding and generating human-like language. This specific Machine Learning Model reaps the benefits associated with the Transformer Architecture, which, in conjunction with a massive amount of data, is capable of learning intricate patterns, nuances, and relationships in language, making it proficient in Natural Language Processing.

We’re delighted to partner with Analytics Engines. They’re our one-stop-shop for data services. The team are a joy to work with. They have a friendly, thoughtful approach and have always been really reliable. I’d wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a data services provider.

Head of Insight
The National Gallery London

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Empowering critical decision-making at The National Gallery London

Using data to deliver financial efficiency and social value 

We empower government and public sector organisations to make informed decisions, improve service delivery, and drive positive change for the communities they serve.

Data-driven efficiencies to help organisations reach net-zero

We help organisations meet sustainability and net-zero objectives through the intelligent and responsible application of data and data-driven technologies.

Fuelling the transport industry with data solutions

Helping transport and logistics companies grow and thrive whilst also achieving their decarbonisation goals through data.

Wish you were here? When you see our impact, you will.

By unlocking valuable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and performance metrics, we empower tourism organisations to make informed decisions, enhance visitor experiences and drive sustainable growth.

Make the news by uncovering hidden insights

Our innovative data analytics technologies enable organisations to identify new story leads with greater efficiency and measurable accuracy.

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