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Data Engineering

Connect. Modernise. Make Sense.


Gain data insights far beyond the capability of any off-the-shelf business intelligence solution, enabling a fuller comprehension of your data sources.

Achieve greater operational efficiency, agility, and competitive advantage while exploring the impact of multiple data sources on each other within a single and unified environment. Ask questions once without needing to access multiple systems and records to get the information you need.

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Integration & Architecture

We specialise in creating seamless data environments that streamline data flow across systems. We eliminate data silos, optimise user experience and drive greater cost efficiency. We design robust, scalable data systems tailored to your specific operational needs, ensuring a cohesive and insight-driven data structure.

Data Quality & Processing

We understand the importance of data quality in driving your business forward. We implement and improve data accuracy and integrity, focusing on deduplication and quality control. We process data with precision, preparing it for insightful analysis and accurate reporting. We transform your raw data into a reliable foundation for decision-making.

Visualisation and Analysis

We turn complex data into clear insights. Utilising cutting edge tools like Timescale DB, we provide in-depth, real-time and historical, time series analysis to uncover significant trends on big-fast datasets. We create business critical visualisations that transform data into understandable and actionable visuals. We’re experienced in creating custom and Power BI visualisation dashboards that make data analysis not just informative, but also intuitively accessible for strategic business decisions.

Download your Guide to Data Engineering
In today’s fast-paced and data-driven business world, robust data engineering is essential for organisational scaling, efficient project execution, and heightened customer satisfaction. Download our guide to discover how Analytics Engines can apply its experience and expertise to unlock avenues for growth and enhanced efficiency.

Analytics Engines is supporting a world leader in high-performance maritime design and technology.

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Data-driven decarbonisation

Using data to deliver financial efficiency and social value

We empower government and public sector organisations to make informed decisions, improve service delivery, and drive positive change for the communities they serve.

Fuelling the transport industry with data

Helping transport and logistics companies grow and thrive whilst also achieving their decarbonisation goals through data

Data-driven efficiencies to help organisations reach net-zero

We help organisations meet sustainability and net-zero objectives through the intelligent and responsible application of data and data-driven technologies.

Make the news by uncovering hidden insights

Our innovative data analytics technologies enable organisations to identify new story leads with greater efficiency and measurable accuracy.

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