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Data Science-as-a-Service

Your expert Data Science team


Build your Data Science dream team. With the right blend of skills and expertise, we can ensure your business scales faster, executes projects more effectively and delights customers.

Our approach to delivery enablement is designed for more harmonious project execution. Our keystone is based around teamwork, going beyond technical compatibility to deliver something truly transformational.

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Match Technical Challenges To Our Proven Experts

Our specialists offer support in critical, hard-to-hire areas, bringing experience in innovative methodologies and best practices.

Enrich Your Team

We provide an external perspective that enriches your team’s skillsets, facilitating on-the-job learning without sacrificing project momentum.

Fill Your Skills Gap

We don’t just fill your skills gap; we provide the specialist capability that enhances your team’s capacity to deliver.

Beyond Technical Integration

People and culture is vital for us. We know how valuable this is for our customers. We align with your organisation’s culture, our team functions as an extension of yours.

Gain Momentum Quickly

Our approach is tested and primed for rapid deployment, providing solutions and expertise with the governance and structures you need for ultimate reassurance.

Assess, Advise, Build

Our expertise goes beyond Data Science execution; we assess, advise, and contribute to building your technological capabilities. Our capabilities extend to infrastructure, software engineering and front end design.

Empowering your organisation

Our data science-as-a-service offering goes beyond filling gaps. Our team brings diverse experience from working with multiple industries and organisations.

We empower your teams, align with your culture, and bring a wealth of experience and innovation to every project.

We bring the tools and behaviours you need to solve problems and deliver projects more effectively.

We’re delighted to partner with Analytics Engines. They’re our one-stop-shop for data services. The team are a joy to work with. They have a friendly, thoughtful approach and have always been really reliable. I’d wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a data services provider.

Head of Insight
The National Gallery London

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Empowering critical decision-making at The National Gallery London

Data-driven efficiencies to help organisations reach net-zero

We help organisations meet sustainability and net-zero objectives through the intelligent and responsible application of data and data-driven technologies.

Using data to deliver financial efficiency and social value

We empower government and public sector organisations to make informed decisions, improve service delivery, and drive positive change for the communities they serve.

Fuelling the transport industry with data solutions

Helping transport and logistics companies grow and thrive whilst also achieving their decarbonisation goals through data.

Wish you were here? When you see our impact, you will.

By unlocking valuable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and performance metrics, we empower tourism organisations to make informed decisions, enhance visitor experiences and drive sustainable growth. 

Make the news by uncovering hidden insights

Our innovative data analytics technologies enable organisations to identify new story leads with greater efficiency and measurable accuracy.

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