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Mastering Data Innovation in Agrifood

Wednesday 28th February

Big Data Belfast are proud to present our Breakfast Series, a seminar series showcasing how organisations across a variety of verticals are using data and AI to deliver innovative solutions and meaningful change.

Join us on Wednesday 28th February from 8.30 am at Glandore, Arthur House Belfast we as explore data innovation in the agri-food sector. This event webinar is ideal for businesses looking to harness the latest advancements in AI and data analytics, as well as for technical professionals eager to enhance their understanding of data innovation’s role in agricultural and food industries. Learn about setting up a robust data framework that paves the way for success. Learn from thought leaders within the space about how data quality and innovation can drive your business forward.

Data Quality

Understand the critical importance of high-quality data as the cornerstone of effective decision-making in the agri-food sector. Learn strategies for collecting, cleansing, and managing data to ensure its reliability, accuracy, and relevance for business operations and strategic initiatives.

Data Utilisation

Discover how to leverage innovative data analytics techniques and AI technologies to uncover actionable insights within the agri-food industry. This includes exploring predictive analytics, machine learning models, and other advanced tools to enhance productivity, sustainability, and supply chain efficiency.

Driving Value

Gain insights on translating data analytics into tangible business outcomes. Learn how to align data strategies with business objectives to improve product quality, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency, ultimately leading to increased competitiveness and growth in the agri-food market.

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This event is the ideal opportunity for agrifood businesses eager to understand how the can use data to improve operational perfromance, reduce costs, and unlock value.