Insights you didn't know you needed.

See counterparty risk in a whole new way. MINERVA is an intelligent search and discovery platform that helps to surface the insights you need and those you didn’t know you needed.

Designed to empower business experts, MINERVA places advanced Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technology into the hands of those who need it most.


Combine siloed data from public and private sources within a single platform and explore the connections that exist between them.


Search your data like never before. Multimodal and pattern search help you discover the insights you didn’t know you were looking for.


Empower critical business decision-making and elimanate skills and resource bottlenecks with the intuitive low-code, no-code user interface.​


Find the needle in the haystack, everytime. Search for specific patterns of behaviour and activity and monitor for changes in real-time. When the data changes, you’re first to know.


Process and understand your documents at scale. MINERVA’s document comparison features allows users to see how documents relate to each other and how they’ve changed over time.

Risk Management.

Understand counterparty risk like never before. Identify person’s of significant control and determine ultimate beneficial ownership. Find the hidden threats in your data and networks.


  • Pattern Search

    Search your data for patterns and behaviours as well as specific entities.

  • Multimodal Search

    Explore your data based on location, time, relationship and meaning.

  • Data Integration

    Integrate the data that matters to you with ease.

  • Real-time Alerts & Monitoring

    Be the first to know when the data you care about changes.

  • Document Matching

    Explore how documents have changed over time.

  • Ease of Use

    Eliminate skills and resource bottlenecks using the low-code, no-code user interface.

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