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At Analytics Engines, we see data differently.

Our expert team delivers creative, agile data solutions that are as unique as the challenges they solve. Supporting organisations across every phase of their data journey, we build intelligence, reduce complexity and optimise performance.

Analytics Engines - Dr Aislinn Rice profile image

Dr Aislinn Rice

Managing Director
Analytics Engines - Dr Scott Fischaber profile image

Dr Scott Fischaber

Chief Operations Officer
Analytics Engines - Dr Alastair McKinley profile image

Dr Alastair McKinley

Chief Technology Officer
Analytics Engines - Professor Roger Woods profile image

Professor Roger Woods

Chief Scientific Officer
Analytics Engines - Paul Barber profile image

Paul Barber

Head of Engineering
Analytics Engines - Dr Qi Zhang profile image

Dr Qi Zhang

Senior Software Engineer
Analytics Engines - Matthew Russell profile image

Matthew Russell

Principal Engineer
Analytics Engines - Dr Laura Moore profile image

Dr Laura Moore

Solutions Manager
Analytics Engines - Maureen McCauley profile image

Maureen McCauley

Office Manager
Analytics Engines - Conor Dumigan profile image

Conor Dumigan

Head of Data Analytics Solutions
Analytics Engines - Liam Brannigan profile image

Liam Brannigan

Data Scientist
Analytics Engines - Reuben Trotter profile image

Reuben Trotter

Software Engineer
Analytics Engines - Jack Crymble profile image

Jack Crymble

Software Engineer
Analytics Engines - Dylan Gartland  profile image

Dylan Gartland

Software Engineer
Analytics Engines - Geoff McGimpsey profile image

Geoff McGimpsey

Head of Marketing
Analytics Engines - Garreth Sloan profile image

Garreth Sloan

Solutions Specialist
Analytics Engines - Edyta Wright profile image

Edyta Wright

Project Manager
Analytics Engines - Matthew Gourley profile image

Matthew Gourley

Software Engineer
Analytics Engines - P.J. Kirk profile image

P.J. Kirk

Digital Marketing Executive

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The foundation of our strategy is our commitment to hiring and developing the best people. We are excited about what the future holds for our business and are always looking for talented people who want to be part of that. We are always open to receiving applications from the highest quality applicants. If you believe that you have the right aptitude and experience please contact us to discuss opportunities.

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