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Data and Analytics are in our DNA.

We are the trusted data analytics partner to local and international customers across industry and the public sector. Our collaborative, creative team empowers organisations with cut-through data-driven insights that reduce complexity, optimise performance and build intelligence.

Analytics Engines enables your organisation to easily and quickly adopt data analytics as a core part of your business and accelerate conversion of your data into valuable business insights.

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Professor Roger Woods

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Roger is leading a research team in Queen’s University (and still doing it). He looks into research strategy and new technologies at Analytics Engines. Roger is passionate about new applications of data analytics and new high speed computing technologies.

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Dr Scott Fischaber

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Scott is co-founder of Analytics Engines and oversees overall operations, consulting projects and a number of customer and European research projects. Scott is responsible for setting the vision, direction and goals of the company and to communicate operational strategy. He obtained a PhD degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen's University Belfast in 2007.

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Dr Aislinn Rice

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A graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School, Dr Aislinn Rice serves as MD of Analytics Engines. Prior to this, Aislinn was an Executive Director for Andor Technology plc from 2004–2013, responsible for a team of 55 persons managing Sales Operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Aislinn is an IoD Chartered Director (CDir) and also serves as an Ambassador for the NI Hospice. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from Queen’s University Belfast.

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Paul Barber

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Paul has 15 years’ experience working in communications, broadcast and data analytics, including five years at Ericsson Television. Paul is responsible for the overall strategy of the engineering team and delivery of projects. He manages day-to-day operations of the engineering team, the assignment and tracking of tasks, defining the development process and ensuring compliance.

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Dr Qi Zhang

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Qi has over 15 years’ experience in hardware/software application design and development with a broad background including in senior positions in industry with Alcatel-Lucent and Analytics Engines, and in PhD research with ECIT Institute, Queen's University, Belfast. His main areas of expertise include data analytics on Hadoop framework and high-speed data processing on platform FPGA, ASIC and cloud computing. He is currently working on building stack/platform for big data analytics and implementing new UI /dashboard/ backend technologies for data analytics/visualisation. He likes gardening and driving to nowhere.

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Matthew Russell

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Matthew graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2014 with a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Since graduating, he has worked at Analytics Engines as a software engineer leading in the delivery of several projects with a focus on data analytics and visualisation. As a result, he has become proficient in several technologies including Python and R for machine learning; SQL for database management; and Angular to develop progressive web applications with a focus on improving UX for data visualisation.

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Daniel Kelly

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Daniel has several years’ professional experience architecting and developing performance-based software for storage arrays and developing multi-platform user-friendly data analytics solutions. This has allowed Daniel to develop an adept understanding of data flow, software performance and user experience in addition to proficient programming skills in Angular, Python, Java, C++ and C. Daniel is currently working on implementing new UI concepts with backend core data analytics. Daniel also plays for Carrick Rangers FC.

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Dr Laura Moore

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Laura is responsible for delivery of technical projects with a focus on high-performance analytical solutions. Prior to joining Analytics Engines, she held roles at SAP, AV Browne/BT and Randox where she applied analytical techniques and algorithms across a range of domains including IT, cloud computing, business intelligence, marketing, bioinformatics and healthcare. She obtained her PhD in Theoretical Physics from Queen's University Belfast in 2001.

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Maureen McCauley

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A graduate in Administrative Management, Maureen has over 20 years’ administrative experience. Prior to Analytics Engines, she worked at both the University of Ulster and later at Queen’s University Belfast at the Undergraduate School Secretary in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is her daughter’s athletics coach and regularly travels to competitions across the UK and Europe.

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Conor Dumigan

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With over 10 years’ experience in sales and marketing roles, Conor has a keen interest in the market-driven approach to strategic product development and commercialisation. Through a consultative approach, he works in partnership with clients to clearly define needs and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Some of his key successes have been in delivering a Smart Transport solution for the Education Authority, a machine learning application for InnovateUK and an illegal dumping solution for Smart Dublin. Conor is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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Dr Alastair McKinley

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Alastair is the Chief Technology Officer at Analytics Engines responsible for leading engineering delivery on customer projects, co-coordinating development on the XDP core platform and custumer technical consultation. Alastair gained his PhD from QUB in 2009 focusing on high-performance computing and algorithms used in telecommunications. More recently at Analytics Engines he is interested in building new data-centric applications, machine learning implementations and data architecture. Familiar with building software using Python, PostgreSQL, Apache Hadoop ecosystem tools amongst others. Currently the host of the Big Data Belfast Meetup group.

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Liam Brannigan

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Liam is an experienced data analyst and addresses client challenges through data modelling and visualisation. He received a PhD in ocean physics from the University of Oxford in 2015 and specialises in the application of probabilistic machine learning techniques. He previously worked as a research fellow in Oxford and at the University of Stockholm where he pioneered machine learning methods in the study of the ocean. Since joining Analytics Engines in April 2018 he has led the geospatial analysis of illegal dumping in Dublin.

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Reuben Trotter

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Reuben is currently working towards finishing his degree in Information and Social Computing at University College Dublin. He is proficient in deploying technologies such as Python, JavaScript, and Angular for data processing and generating visualisations. He is an avid traveller and usually tries to visit the lesser explored areas of the world - where he enjoys diving, hiking, and learning about different cultures.

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Jack Crymble

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Jack recently graduated with a First Class Honours in Computer Science from Queen’s University Belfast where his final year project set out to analyse and detect malicious files using machine learning algorithms and innovative analysis techniques. Jack mainly works on front-end development with Angular and open source libraries. He works on multiple projects ranging from analysis and visualisation of public health data through to WiFi connectivity information to understand building utilisation.

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Dylan Gartland

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Dylan is a Software Engineer with several years’ professional experience with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Opature. He has developed and maintained 3D, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. He is proficient in C#, Python, Angular, JavaScript and Java. Dylan is currently responsible for building intuitive front-end applications with back-end data analytics.

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Geoff McGimpsey

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Geoff has almost 20 years' experience in the media and communications industry. He is responsible for enhancing the company’s reputation for delivering bespoke data solutions for public and private sector organisations. A trained journalist, Geoff has contributed to Sync NI and is a former columnist for The Belfast Telegraph online and The News Letter. He is a regular interviewer for NVTV's 'Behind The Science' programme.

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Tony Redding

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Tony is a seasoned 'C' level Sales and Marketing professional with over 30 years' experience dealing with customers from across the private and public sector. He has worked successfully with clients across UK, US, Indian, APAC and EMEA markets. Tony is also a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

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