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Empowering critical decision-making at The National Gallery London

Empowering critical decision-making at The National Gallery London


Founded in 1824, The National Gallery is situated in London’s Trafalgar Square and counts some of the world’s best-loved paintings among its 2,300-strong collection. Over the past few years, the gallery has been building out its data insight function, looking primarily at audience data, and creating more robust reporting on visitor experiences.

The National Gallery London needed to better understand how visitors interacted with exhibitions, how they moved through the museum, and to explore how relevant data sources could be combined within a single platform for more effective analysis and reporting.

The solution

The Analytics Engines team created PERSPECTIVE, an intuitive analytics platform that enables stakeholders to make data-driven strategic decisions by harnessing and examining data from a disparate range of sources.

By unifying multiple data sources within a single platform, stakeholders have greater, more rapid access to the information that they need. PERSPECTIVE provides The National Gallery with a consistent, unified, single source of truth.

The solution provides insights and trends on attendance, ticket sales, exhibition management, social media, press and audience engagement, visitor flow and routing in one place. It uses Wi-Fi data and people counters to help to show staff how visitors interact with and move through exhibitions and other rooms within the gallery.

The solution allows visitor experience managers to more effectively plan and report on how visitors move through attractions and interact with exhibitions.

One of the best things about working with Analytics Engines is that everybody has been flexible and adaptable. Any time an issue came up that could have been a blocker, everyone at Analytics Engines was really quick to find solutions and an approach that worked.

Casey Scott-Songin
Senior Manager Data & Insights
The National Gallery London

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by PJ Kirk

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