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Case Study

Your window on the trading world

Your window on the trading world


Coriolis Technologies approached Analytics Engines to create a cloud based financial intelligence platform, capable of transforming their manual reports into bespoke actionable strategies available in real-time for their customers.

Coriolis required a platform that they could make available to their users which would demonstrate the trade-economic flows, with dashboards visualising the world exports and imports, apportioning by country and sector breakdown while incorporating economic and geopolitical risks to identify new commercial and investment opportunities.

The solution

Analytics Engines created a cloud-based financial analytics solution that could ingest and process a high volume of data deriving from multiple sources (the key being the UN Comtrade trade indicators) and present this data in a clear and concise format. The solution automatically downloads, structures, and loads datasets into a database and applies Coriolis’salgorithms. In addition, users can create dynamic dashboards and UIs to allow analysis of this data across several different dimensions.

Coriolis no longer have to manually download, format, and analyse various datasets for each client. They can use the platform to quickly analyse the data for their customers or provide access to the platform directly to their users enabling their customers to have up-to-date access to the processed data.

I would recommend Analytics Engines for its intellectual capacity and drive to move a project from the original vision through to new levels of potential. The team at Analytics Engines has more than exceeded expectations.

Dr Rebecca Harding
Chief Executive Officer
Coriolis Technologies

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by PJ Kirk

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