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7 Essential Insights from this year’s Big Data Belfast

At this year’s Big Data Belfast, we were proud to welcome speakers, panellists and thought leaders from market-leading organisations including Disney Plus, McLaren Racing, The International Chamber of Commerce, EY, ASOS and many others.

Presentations and panel sessions from this year’s Big Data Belfast conference are now available to watch online. In this series of videos, you will learn about the incredible impact of data and how market-leading organisations are using data to drive their business forward. To view these videos on-demand click here.

In this retrospective, we take a look back at some of the essential insights from this year’s conference.

Making sense of connected data

Analytics Engines Chief Technology Officer, Alastair McKinley explored the world of Knowledge Graphs and demonstrated how this emerging technology is being used to unify disparate datasets within a single, searchable environment. During his presentation, Alastair discussed a number of use cases including information retrieval, eDiscovery and creating a single view of the citizen.


Data can unlock new business opportunities

During the “Data-driven Approach to Audit and Accountancy” session, panellists were keen to highlight how data-driven technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation and Anomaly Detection are helping to create efficiencies that can be re-invested into higher-value strategic business advisory services.


Small changes can make a big difference

Edward Green, Head of Commercial Technology at McLaren Racing was joined by Jason Ward, Managing Director at DELL Technologies to discuss how data is helping to deliver new opportunities and efficiencies not previously possible. During the session, Edward and Jason discussed how even the most marginal changes can have a massive impact on performance and highlighted how many of the lessons learned on the F1 track, can be applied to the world of business.


Using AI to enrich customer experience

Viktor Crothers, Senior Manager Data & Analytics at EY and Stephen McKeown, Divisional Chief Information Officer at Allstate Northern Ireland took part in a panel discussion hosted by Analytics Engines Chief Technology Officer, Alastair McKinley. The session, titled “Using AI the Right Way”, explored the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence, and discussed how these technologies are helping to enrich customer experience and deliver personalisation at scale.


Communicating data stories effectively

Daphne Cheung, Senior Data Analyst at Disney Plus explored “storytelling in an industry that so often loses itself in the technical crevices”. During her session, she discussed the marrying of “Narrative” and “Data” to communicate ideas “in a way that more effectively resonates with your audiences’ objectives”.


Data & sustainability go hand-in-hand

Claire Cromie, Digital Programme Lead at Tourism Northern Ireland discussed the importance of timely data to inform strategic business decision-making. Claire went on to outline the importance of data in creating sustainable economies, which can more readily react to external challenges. In particular, she notes how self-service analytics can help provide individual stakeholders across the tourism industry with specific insights that are relevant to them.


Reducing complexity

Chris Southworth, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce UK, in discussion with Coriolis Technologies CEO, Rebecca Harding, outlined the importance of data in the creation of global trading standards and practices. Chris went on to highlight how digital systems are helping to drive greater efficiency and reduce complexity, particularly for smaller organisations.


About Analytics Engines

Big Data Belfast is presented by Analytics Engines. Specialists in data integration, machine learning, AI, in-depth analytics and visualisations, Analytics Engines leverages connected technology and data analysis to deliver better insights and outcomes for customers. We are obsessive about data, dedicated to problem-solving and enthusiastic about driving customer success.

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