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A Day in the Life of a Frontend Developer

A Day in the Life of a Frontend Developer

Following on from our recent “A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist” blog post, we spoke with Analytics Engines Lead Frontend Developer, Aditi Pantoji.

Beginning the day

I like to begin my day by getting things in order and setting myself up. The first thing I do once I am at my desk is to check my emails and respond to any that are outstanding. After that, I take some time to note key tasks that need to be done so that I have a rough plan for the day ahead.

Once I have completed these tasks, it’s usually time for the first meeting of the day; Standup. Each morning we gather for 15 mins to discuss our daily sprint goals, talk about what we did the day before, what we’ll focus on during the day ahead and any obstacles we’re currently facing. The daily sprint meeting is an opportunity for us to make sure that we’re on track as a team.

The engineering and data teams at Analytics Engines work in close collaboration with each other, so the daily sprint is also an opportunity for us to pool together our knowledge and share different perspectives on problems and challenges. Time and time again, this approach has enabled us to find innovative solutions to the problems we encounter. As we’re all still working from home, it’s also an opportunity for us to engage and speak with each other.

Once standup is over, I take some time to make myself a cup of coffee and reflect on my planned tasks for the day ahead.


When working on a new feature, I like to begin by first designing the wireframes. By developing wireframes around a specific use case, I can better understand our clients’ requirements. Once the wireframes are ready, I share them with the wider team for initial feedback.

Once this feedback has been agreed upon and implemented, I begin with implementation in the modern JavaScript framework.

I’ve been working at Analytics Engines for a few years now and I’ve had an opportunity to work on several exciting projects. During my time here, I’ve been able to work on a variety of frontend engineering projects including wireframe design, UX development and data visualisation.

The projects that I’ve worked on and the clients that I’ve had the opportunity to work with has been incredible. Each day, I arrive at my desk knowing that the work that we do, can have a measurable positive impact, not only for our clients but also the wider public.

In particular, I’m proud of the work we’ve done on our MINERVA platform and I’m excited to see the positive impact the solution will have.

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