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Creatively responding to data challenges

Creatively responding to data challenges

In this blog post, we speak with Data Scientist, Lauren Stephens about her working ethos and approach to projects and how her role affords her the opportunity to adopt a creative approach to problem-solving.

As a Data Scientist, the main framework I apply to projects is how can I discover and exploit patterns within datasets to extract meaningful and actionable information. One of the main things I enjoy in my role at Analytics Engines is that I get to work across a range of sectors including finance, healthcare, and legal domains. No two projects are the same as each domain presents a unique dataset and task, and this opens up the opportunity for me to get creative with my approach and the technologies used.

Although each project differs, my high-level framework when approaching them remains the same. One of the first things I do when starting a project is discerning the problem to be addressed, real-life example of this would be the difficulty a person has searching for relevant documents in a database.

Defining the problem statement allows me to formulate the end goal (how the extracted information will be acted upon), for example, grouping documents by topics so they can be searched across more easily within a search engine. The problem-solving aspect of getting from the problem statement to the end goal is the stage I most enjoy and where I can get creative in architecting the solution design with a focus on delivering a productionalized end product.

A number of aspects of working as a Data Scientist at Analytics Engines reinforce this ability to be creative. Working across diverse projects has exposed me to a variety of technologies used in processing and analysing both structured and unstructured data for tasks such as text classification or search. Another aspect is the diverse skill set of the team I work with here – sales, developers and data scientists are highly aligned with one another which means transfer learning is a regular practice and feeds into a creative and innovative environment to work in.

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