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How do you solve a problem like…

How do you solve a problem like…

At heart, we’re all problem solvers at Analytics Engines. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their specific challenges and to develop solutions that enable them to drive greater value from their data.

Every challenge is different, and every business is unique. Fortunately, we have some very creative heads that are able to see data differently and come up with the right answers.

Members of the Analytics Engines team share their approach to problem-solving and how it enables them to more effectively support our clients and partners.


“I have found collaboration to be an important underlying theme to most of my problem-solving endeavors, both between myself and a client and within my own team.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of approaching a new project is working closely with the client in order to grasp a comprehensive understanding of the domain context and the pain points in order to define a problem statement and a complementary goal for a project.

I supplement these initial stages of a project right through to its delivery by feeding in from both my own experience and from other team members in order to support the client’s goal. The team at Analytics Engines have a diverse skillset and have worked across a wide range of projects so it’s great to tap into this resource to see how these skills and experiences might transfer to other projects.”

Lauren Stephens
Senior Data Scientist


“For the initial engagement, it’s important to arrive with a good degree of research completed so you’re able to ask the right questions, offer appropriate advice, guide the conversation, and to build a shared understanding of the problem at hand.

But the really critical element for me is to enter the relationship from a position of empathy, which means creating the space to listen carefully to the customer and to clearly understand their drivers and pain points.”

Geoff McGimpsey
Head of Marketing

Knowledge share

“When approaching a new problem or business challenge, communication is key to understanding the core components of the issue at hand. Often, business challenges come from companies without technological expertise, so ensuring there is a shared understanding of the problem and proposed solution is paramount to the successful delivery of a project.

It is important to remain conscious of the business’ level of technological understanding when explaining potential solutions.

In addition, if the problem involves working on a new technology stack, it is important to understand at the outset whether we have experience using the stack amongst our engineering team. This will allow me to either put aside time for personal training on the new stack or set up the relevant knowledge-sharing discussions with those in my team who have previous experience with the stack. Doing this early in a project life cycle will help to improve the accuracy of a project’s timeline.”

Matt Gourley
Senior Software Engineer

Take a step back

“When holding a discovery session with a potential new client, I find it important to try and communicate how their business challenges relate to some of the challenges that our other clients have encountered.

While every business challenge certainly is unique, I find that by taking a step back, and considering what one challenge has in common with another, we have a solid foundation upon which to build a solution.

For example, our work with Coriolis Technologies and The National Gallery might seem dissimilar, but at the core of both those projects, was the need for a “single source of truth” solution, capable of providing insight into siloed datasets.”

PJ Kirk
Senior Marketing Executive

Now find out more…

Specialists in data integration, machine learning, AI, in-depth analytics and visualisations, Analytics Engines leverages connected technology and data analysis to deliver better insights and outcomes for customers. We are obsessive about data, dedicated to problem-solving, and passionate about driving customer success.

We create innovative software solutions that help businesses drive value from data. We break down our customers data silos. We enable them to understand how, where, and why their data is connected. We provide them with the resources they need to search, understand, and act on their data.

We strive to deliver impactful change to our customers and the wider community through the responsible use of data. In September 2021, we were proud to be selected for the Tech Nation Applied AI 3.0 cohort. In 2020, Tech Nation named Analytics Engines as one of the UK’s “AI Companies to watch in 2020”.

To learn more and to arrange a Data Discovery Session, contact us using the form below.

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by PJ Kirk

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