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NI Water Taps into Local Expertise for Innovation in Water and Wastewater Treatment

NI Water Taps into Local Expertise for Innovation in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Analytics Engines is pleased to be involved in developing innovative technologies for NI Water’s Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and other assets in the water and sewerage network.

Analytics Engines is one of four organisations helping NI Water to identify ground-breaking processes and data intelligence techniques to achieve efficiencies in the area of water and wastewater treatment.

These projects are all supported by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), which is a pre-commercial procurement model promoted by Innovate UK, which enables public sector bodies to connect with technology organisations in order to stimulate the development of innovative solutions to specific public sector challenges and needs.

The SBRI initiative aims to improve and control the status and quality of asset operations throughout the water and wastewater infrastructure networks and will support current business processes, bringing many efficiencies to NI Water’s business well into the future.

NI Water Project Manager Sean McAuley said: “NI Water is delighted to harness the expertise of 4 locally-based companies to assist us in making efficiencies in the area of water and wastewater treatment.

“For example, analysing data has highlighted trends in a few key areas, including two Wastewater plants – Carrickfergus Wastewater Treatment Works and the Kinnegar Wastewater plant in County Down. The NI Water teams involved are now changing their treatment strategy to help reduce costs at the plants, which is bringing great benefits to our business. Data analysis techniques are also currently employed to gain valuable insights into the water treatment process at Drumaroad Water Treatment Works.

“I would like to thank SBRI and the Strategic Investment Board for their invaluable support and the four local companies for their enthusiasm in this exciting new venture. I look forward to seeing further efficiencies unfold as the project progresses.”

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon said: “I congratulate NI Water in their ongoing commitment to developing original and innovative technologies to make efficiencies in the area of water and wastewater treatment.

“This not only makes much needed financial savings but improving operational efficiency will make for a cleaner, greener environment. This will assist NI Water in their ambitious strategy to become carbon neutral by 2050 and help tackle the climate emergency.”

Analytics Engines have provided NI Water with a global overview of the wastewater treatment process across various NI Water Wastewater Treatment Plants. A dashboard was then presented that visualises this data, allowing the company to avail of advanced analytics capabilities in the wastewater treatment process.

This expertise delivers significant value to NI Water via data intelligence techniques and uses Analytics Engines’ technology to create a tailored augmented intelligence solution designed to address the organisation’s requirements. This will undoubtedly lead to cost savings and process efficiencies across the business.

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A trusted partner to a number of public sector organisations, Analytics Engines offers extensive experience in delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to transform public sector service delivery. To learn more about Analytics Engines and our work with Public Sector Organisations contact us using the link below.

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