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The Data Science Powerhouse solving important business problems.

We describe ourselves as a Data Science Powerhouse – a team of whip-smart, critical-thinking data experts. We’ve got the basic data science techniques nailed down, leaving space for us to find innovative, smarter solutions for our customers. The goal of a data science solution is to extract meaningful insights and knowledge from data to support critical business decision-making and to answer their most pressing questions. It is a multidisciplinary approach that combines principles and practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to analyse large amounts of data.

We’re always learning and staying abreast of new developments in the space – we understand the importance of using the best/right combination of methods and technologies. We deliver and communicate our findings back to the customer in a way that makes sense to them – a beautifully designed dashboard, a bespoke reporting structure or a robust data platform that can ingest, model, uncover and serve insights for decision-makers.

Our Lead Data Scientist, Lauren Stephens said: “Data Science is at the very core of innovation and a function that is growing exponentially as a whole. Entire sectors depend on Data Science teams to help them operate efficiently or solve complex problems. Data science enables businesses to operate in a more proactive style and with that comes greater observability over their processes, more accurate forecasting and less downtime playing catchup through posthoc analysis of unexpected events.

It’s becoming increasingly easier for more companies to access and integrate these types of technologies into existing workflows. At Analytics Engines we work with companies at all stages of their data journey, from initial data exploration and proof of concepts to building the infrastructure to support the deployment of machine-learning services”.

We get excited when our work produces insights that provide hidden value for businesses or help them understand more about a particular dynamic within their business. These outcomes help businesses make important decisions that may affect the fabric of their day-to-day operations. Often, executives make decisions that are not underpinned by data. Executives and business owners who get behind the ethos of data science will see the direct relationship to growth and innovation.

Data science is fast becoming an essential component of how modern organisations operate. A 2022 report from Gartner found that 80% of executives and business leaders feel automation can be applied to any business decision. Organisations are eager to exploit the operational opportunities that data science presents, but are limited by a variety of challenges including poor strategy and an inability to demonstrate clear business value.

Frances Karamouzis, VP analyst at Gartner said “Organizations still struggle to connect the algorithms they are building to a business value proposition, which makes it difficult for IT and business leadership to justify the investment it requires to operationalize models”.

Data science projects are often a learning experience for many organisations. The objectives at the beginning of a project can often look very different from the final product. Our agile project methodology enables us to easily adapt the direction of a project in line with your growing and changing needs.

Following the delivery of one of Analytics Engines’ recent projects, a client stated “The main difference was that Analytics Engines took the time to understand and listen to our problem, rather than trying to map our problem to a solution that already existed. The team was willing to work with us to build what we wanted, rather than shoehorning our needs into an off-the-shelf product”.

Developing meaningful business use cases are an essential part of an effective overall data strategy and we find they usually start with a problem or a need to innovate within your business. The projects that we work on range from small bitesize projects to larger, all-encompassing projects – depending on where our customers are at on their data journey. At Analytics Engines, we work with your organisation to develop a data strategy that aligns with your needs and that is capable of scaling with your needs as you grow.

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Analytics Engines, The Data Science Powerhouse, build solutions for public and private sector organisations to uncover insights and trends, help solve complex institutional problems and answer the most pressing questions through data. We are experts in data science, data matching, search, integration, and visualisation. Our unique accelerator IP allows us to build and deploy solutions much faster, reducing time to value for our clients.

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by PJ Kirk

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