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Transforming Public Service through Data

Transforming Public Service through Data

Analytics Engines was recently selected as one of four organisations that will support NI Water to identify ground-breaking processes and data intelligence techniques to achieve efficiencies in the area of water and wastewater treatment.

Each of these projects are supported by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), which is designed to bring together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions.

A Global View of Operations

Analytics Engines have provided NI Water with a global overview of the wastewater treatment process across various NI Water Wastewater Treatment Plants. The solution combines a variety of siloed datasets from these plants, including real-time Internet of Things data and financial data within a single platform.

This data is then presented to users via an intuitive data visualisation dashboard that enables users to identify performance anomalies and supports critical business decision-making.


By providing NI Water with insight and visibility into individual plant performance, management teams can take proactive steps to address issues relating to operational performance and cost-effectiveness. Our dashboards help NI Water to take a proactive risk management stance by highlighting emerging trends.

Working with NI Water

Analytics Engines, Lead Data Scientist, Liam Brannigan said: “It is great to see public sector organisations like NI Water deepen their ongoing commitment to developing and applying innovative technology solutions to their operations. Projects such as these not only have a positive impact on the operational performance of the organisation but also on the wider public through greater spending efficiency and quality control. We’re delighted to be working on this project and look forward to watching it evolve.”

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A trusted partner to a number of public sector organisations, Analytics Engines offers extensive experience in delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to transform public sector service delivery. To learn more about Analytics Engines and our work with Public Sector Organisations contact us using the link below.

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by PJ Kirk

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