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Unlocking the value in your data

Unlocking the value in your data

Data presents organisations with a variety of opportunities. It has the ability to provide businesses with the insights they need to drive greater efficiency and improve operational performance.

Despite this potential impact, research from advisory firm Gartner notes that on average, 97% of an organisation’s data sits unused.

How can organisations unlock the value contained within their data and what challenges can a data analytics solution help organisations to overcome?


A data analytics solution has the ability to help organisations address a number of operational challenges including:

  • Limited Visibility
    Poor visibility of critical data sources and their relationships to each other can hamper the decision-making process, eliminating value. Organisations need to be able to access and understand their data in a meaningful way.
  • Inefficient Processes
    Time and labour-intensive processes can often eliminate value within an organisation. “Non-billable” activities such as document processing and administrative tasks often rely on outdated, inefficient processes that can negatively impact operational performance.
  • Changing Conditions
    External and internal factors can often have a significant impact on the operational performance of an organisation. How can organisations adequately prepare for these types of changes?

Defining a data-driven solution

Organisations can adopt a data-driven approach in response to these challenges.

  • Creating a single source of truth
    Unifying siloed datasets within a single environment enables organisations and individuals to more adequately understand the relationship and impact that certain actions have on each other. Our solution for the National Gallery London combines data from a variety of sources to provide real-time insight into visitor behaviour.
  • Process Automation
    Data-driven process automation has the ability to transform operations by automating time and labour-intensive processes. Our solution for Innovate UK, used text and document analytics to transform “four days’ work to a matter of minutes”.
  • Data Visualisation
    Interactive visualisations can provide organisations with critical, real-time insights into evolving internal and external environments. Our solution for Coriolis combines over 20 billion data points from over 15 sources to provide comprehensive insight into global financial & trade markets.

Find out more

To learn more about how a data analytics solution can support your organisation, download our short brochure using the link below.


Specialists in in-depth Data Analytics and Visualisations, Machine Learning, AI, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision technologies, we offer complete end-to-end solution capability leveraging connected technology and data analysis to deliver better insights and outcomes for customers.

We create innovative software solutions that help businesses drive value from data. In 2020, Tech Nation named Analytics Engines as one of the UK’s “AI Companies to watch in 2020”. This year, we were proud to be featured as an R&D case study in the Tech Nation Report 2021.

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by PJ Kirk

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