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What we’ve been reading this week 10th May 2019

What we’ve been reading this week 10th May 2019

Preparations for Big Data Belfast are well underway, and we’ll be issuing more information on it in the coming weeks. One of the key themes that will feature at this year’s conference is Digital Transformation, so with that in mind, our reading list this week focuses on just that.

From Uber and AirBnB to Spotify and Netflix, it appears as though no industry is immune to the potential benefits of digital transformation and disruption. From our own experience, it is clear that government agencies and healthcare bodies welcome the opportunities arising from digital transformation. This sentiment is in line with the recent NHS Long term plan which aims to utilise technology to improve treatments for patients. In a recent blog, Geraint Lewis, Chief Data Officer at NHS England, also had this to say on the topic.

Perhaps one of the apparent examples of digital transformation and disruption in recent years is the political environment. This incredibly interesting blog from Computer Weekly, offers somewhat of a roadmap, outlining where we’ve been and offering insight as to where we might go.

The term ‘digital transformation’ has been ubiquitous in recent years. Does the phrase still hold value and meaning? This article from Econsultancy suggests that we need to address the language we use when we refer to digital transformation if it is to maintain any value.

We end our reading list this week with something a little different. We have been reading Hackers and Painters: Big ideas from the Computer Age by Paul Graham, a book that perfectly encapsulates the very nature of digital transformation and disruption. ‘Hackers and Painters’ is a short book comprised of a number of essays discussing everything from programming languages, bullies and how to get rich via start-ups. ‘Hackers and Painters’ is a fantastic read with strong ideas that will make you reconsider everything you think you know about the future of technology!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing more information about Big Data Belfast… so watch this space!

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by PJ Kirk

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