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What we’ve been reading this week – 12th February 2021

What we’ve been reading this week – 12th February 2021

In our first reading list of 2021, we take a closer look at the world of Low-Code, No-Code data analytics solutions and consider their emergence and impact. We begin however, with a quote from the late Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs.

In a 1980’s interview, Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs described the computer as “the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.”

In the same interview, he considered the most substantial problem with computers is learning how to use them. Making computers more accessible would enable users to “directly attack their problems without learning how to program a computer,” he said.

So are low-code, no-code data analytics solutions the answer to the problem articulated by Steve Jobs? An article from Builtin this seems to suggest as much, citing a report from Gartner which predicts that “three out of four enterprises will lean on multiple low-code development tools by 2024 and that more than 65 per cent of app development will hinge on low-code or no-code features”

An article from ITProToday speculates that low-code, no-code tools will boost business value in 2021, referencing Formstack CEO Chris Byers who that states that as “organizations consider what the future of work looks like, they will see that it is actually not about work; it’s about driving increased collaboration and reducing data silos across departments”.

This article from Forbes presented research from London-based digital agency Studio Graphene suggesting that the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted a greater need for investment in information and data technology

The article also features a quote from simplebuilding founder Sam Taylor in which he describes low-code, no-code development as “the real game-changer”.

For organisations looking to adopt a low-code, no-code solution as part of their operations, this recent article from JDSupra offers fantastic insight into what you need to consider before making your decision.

Low code, no code is an area of huge innovation and one we’re interested in as a team. In recent months, we launched our low-code, no-code, corporate search and discovery tool, MINERVA. The solution is designed to provide users with investigative intelligence into the networks that matter most to them – importantly, it places the power of advanced data science into the hands of business domain experts.

Here’s a Sunday Business Post article featuring our COO Scott Fischaber on low code. Also, check out our Finding a Needle in a Haystack Part 2 | Analytics Engines webinar (below) on low code, no code featuring Dr Rebecca Harding from Coriolis Technologies.

Skip through to 24m45s for discussion on how low-code, no-code can help organisations to overcome challenges and skills shortages; then our CTO Alastair McKinley provides a demo of MINERVA at 25m50s.

To find out more about MINERVA and how it can support business domain experts in your organisation, contact us using the form below:

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