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What we’ve been reading this week – 12th March 2021

What we’ve been reading this week – 12th March 2021

Another busy week has come to an end! This week, we’ve been working on a number of interesting projects that we hope to share with you all soon. In the meantime, here’s a selection of articles and insights from the world of data that caught our eye this week.

We begin our reading list this week with a look at Time Series Analysis. This article from Data Science Central serves as an excellent introduction to Time Series Analysis and explores the history, present and potential future of the technology.

(If you’d like to learn more about Time Series Analysis and its potential applications, be sure to download our Case Study for Coriolis Technologies.)

Another topic that we explored in detail this week was Anomaly Detection.

From our own work with the Northern Ireland Audit Office, we’re very much aware of the ways by which Anomaly Detection can be used to identify potentially fraudulent activity.

This article from Zealous Web discusses explores the topic in more detail and showcases how data science technologies such as Anomaly Detection are being used to prevent financial fraud and mitigate risk.

Going one step further, this article from IT Proportal discusses some of the technology behind Anomaly Detection and Time Series Analysis. In particular, it explores the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and how these technologies are used to detect fraud.

Despite its prevalent use within the space, Anomaly Detection is being used for more than just identifying fraud.

This article from The Guardian reports on how AI is being used to keep rivers in England clean. A paper published in the journal Clean Water highlighted how AI identified nearly 1,000 “dark discharges” of untreated sewage from two water company treatment plants in England.

For any individuals interested in utilising Anomaly Detection within their own organisations, this article from Forbes serves as an ideal starting point.

Once you’ve had time to familiarise yourself with these topics and consider how they might support your organisation, why not take the next step on your data analytics journey and arrange a free data discovery workshop with us using the form below!

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