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What we’ve been reading this week – 16th July 2021

What we’ve been reading this week – 16th July 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team at Analytics Engines. Our MINERVA Early Adopter Programme is in full swing, and we’ve been delighted by the feedback we’ve received so far. If you’d like to take part in the MINERVA Early Adopter Programme, please register your interest here.

Following our recent “Narrative Driven Insights” blogpost, our reading list this week focuses on innovative and emerging technologies and trends transforming the data analytics landscape.

In a blog post from October last year, research and advisory firm Gartner, identified 10 trends shaping the world of data analytics. They predict that trends such as “smarter, faster, more responsible AI”, “The Decline of the Dashboard” and “Augmented Data Management” will have a significant impact on the world of data analytics and beyond.

Global governments have begun taking steps towards making “Responsible AI” a reality. In this article from Forbes, they explore the application of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) recommendations on Artificial Intelligence and how they are helping to shape public AI policy.

For organisations interested in adopting their own “Responsible AI” policies, this podcast from the Harvard Business Review serves as an excellent starting point outlining how to address biases in machine learning models.

Organisations should also consider the operational impact of “Responsible AI”. In this article from CNBC, they explore how ethical AI can provide organisations with a competitive advantage by helping to foster greater consumer trust.

Gartner also identifies “Relationships form the foundation of data and analytics value” as a key emerging trend, stating “By 2023, graph technologies will facilitate rapid contextualization for decision making in 30% of organizations worldwide. Graph analytics is a set of analytic techniques that allows for the exploration of relationships between entities of interest such as organizations, people and transactions.”

Our search and discovery platform MINERVA utilises graph technologies to explore the hidden links that exist between siloed data allowing users to find value in the noise.

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Specialists in data integration, machine learning, AI, in-depth analytics and visualisations, Analytics Engines leverages connected technology and data analysis to deliver better insights and outcomes for customers. We create innovative software solutions that help businesses drive value from data. In 2020, Tech Nation named Analytics Engines as one of the UK’s “AI Companies to watch in 2020”. This year, we were proud to be featured as an R&D case study in the Tech Nation Report 2021.

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