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What we’ve been reading this week 21 June 2019

What we’ve been reading this week 21 June 2019

We start our reading list this week with an article from One Zero discussing some of the more philosophical elements of digital transformation within the media industry. In particular, writer Jay Bolter looks at the effect technology has had on culture as a whole and how we choose to experience it, both as groups and as individuals.

We continued our blog series on ’Improving your business through data‘ this week with a look at the impact that data can have on customer experience. If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out our ’7 TED Talks that anyone working in Data Analytics should watch’.

One of the subjects to be explored at Big Data Belfast 2019 is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML). The projects outlined in this article highlight the incredible opportunities machine learning presents, while this article approaches some of the ethical implications surrounding AI&ML.

We’re big fans of data visualisations and the unique insights and perspectives that they can provide, so with that in mind, here are two articles that look at just that.

This first article is a great introduction to the both the history and the benefits that data visualisations can provide.

This second article uses data visualisations to tease out some interesting insights from one of, if not the most recognisable families in the world – The Simpsons. Even for Simpsons superfans the perspectives that data visualisations here will throw new light on an ‘ol favourite.

Our reading list concludes with something slightly different this week. The Library of Babel is a near infinite collection of letters that, in theory, contain everything that has or ever could be written. In fact, the Library contains 10^4677 books. For comparison, the British Museum only contains around 170,000,000 books.

You can actually find the first sentence from the above paragraph in the Library of Babel here. Be sure to have a look and see what you can find.

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by PJ Kirk

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