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What we’ve been reading this week – 4th April 2019

What we’ve been reading this week – 4th April 2019

As daunting as Artificial intelligence might seem, there is a great deal to be learned from it, and a great deal of fun to be had with it. From conducting to a virtual orchestra to insights into the future of transport, this is what we found interesting this week.

Autonomous vehicles certainly have a long way to travel before replacing traditional vehicles, but several companies certainly are putting the miles in. In 2018, Google’s Waymo fleet alone covered over 1.27 million miles with an average of 11,154 miles per disengagement (The point at which a vehicle’s software detects a failure, or the point at which a driver perceives a failure, resulting in control being seized).

From detecting fake news to detecting disturbances in power supply grids, Artificial Intelligence is seen as a contemporary solution to a contemporary problem. Gartner Research Vice President, Svetlana Sicular has identified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the number one way to achieve “game-changing transformation”.

More and more organisations are coming to understand the benefits of utilizing data analytics as part of their decision-making process. We continued our ongoing series on “Making Better Decisions” this week looking again at the data preparation process and the various insights and perspectives data analytics and visualisations can provide. In a similar vein, this visualisation from Flowing Data offers a unique perspective on “The Stages of Relationships” and provides brilliant insight into how relationships have changed since the 1970s.

To end this week’s reading list, we’ve been having a great deal of fun with these Artificial Intelligence experiments, created in partnership with Google. Programs like the Teachable MachineQuick Draw and Semi-conductor present Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an entertaining and easy to understand format while also introducing individuals to their associated benefits and capabilities.

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by PJ Kirk

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