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What we’ve been reading this week – 9th April 2021

What we’ve been reading this week – 9th April 2021

This week, our reading list takes a closer look at the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, showcasing its growing impact across a variety of industries.

In recent years, demand for AI tools has continued to grow. In an article from September 2020, market research and advisory firm Gartner noted that (despite the global impact of COVID-19) “47% of artificial intelligence (AI) investments were unchanged since the start of the pandemic and 30% of organizations actually planned to increase such investments”.

In the article, they go on to identify “Democratisation of Artificial Intelligence” and “Industrialisation of Artificial Intelligence” and key strategic trends for 2021. (To learn more about the “democratisation” of data analytics tools like Artificial Intelligence, be sure to check this blog post.)

In this article from Forbes, authors Martijn van Attekum, Jie Mei and Tarry Singh make their own predictions about the growing impact of Artificial Intelligence, comparing its potential dominance to that of software between 2009 and 2019.

They go on to encourage organisations to adopt Artificial Intelligence in much the same way that market leaders adopted software stating, “the companies that embraced software in 2011 are the current market leaders in their respective fields”.

In this podcast from Forrester, they discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the financial world, diving deep into how specific functionality such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing could be applied in the industry.

They also examine how banks are using Low Code solutions. (To learn more about Low Code, No Code data solutions be sure to check out our recent reading list that discusses the topic in more detail.)

In this podcast from Scientific American, they discuss a recent paper from the scientific journal, Nature. The paper, written by Noam Slonim of IBM Research shows that across 80 debate topics, their autonomous debating system performed very decently against human subjects.

We end our reading list this week with an interesting video from YouTube gaming channel Polygon. In the video, they discuss the hidden politics of the SimCity game series and attempt to understand the “black box” that drives decisions within the game.

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In 2020, Tech Nation named Analytics Engines as one of the UK’s “AI Companies to watch in 2020”. This year, we were proud to be featured as an R&D case study in the Tech Nation Report 2021.

To learn more about Analytics Engines and our work with Artificial Intelligence, contact us using the link below.

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