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A pan-European partnership to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted

EIT Food Partnership

As a member of the Rising Food Stars Association, a core partner of EIT Food, Analytics Engines collaborates with other EIT Food partners to bring analytic expertise and innovation to projects. Analytics Engines is presently involved in a number of projects including: EIT Food – Food Fortress, which is an innovation project aiming to improve transparency in the food supply chain by using a combination of technologies including predictive analytics and multi-analytical tests; and From Farm to Fork which is an education project on sustainable food production.

From Farm to Fork MOOC

We’re excited to support a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the food supply chain offered via FutureLearnFarm to Fork: Sustainable Food Production in a Changing Environment explores the complexity of the global food supply chain; the vulnerability of the food industry to emerging threats; and the control and mitigation measures in place to address these concerns.

Developed by Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Turin, the course is for students interested in an introduction to food supply chains and the future of agriculture.

“Food security exists when all people have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their requirements for a healthy life. There are a number of factors which impact the safety and sustainability of food production and the sectors ability to achieve global food security. Our Farm2Fork MOOC explores threats of a biological, chemical and physical nature in the food system and outlines the control, mitigation and surveillance procedures in place in order to maintain safe and sustainable food production under a changing environment. These are very timely and important topics as the world faces uncertainties to feeding a growing population.”

Dr Michaela Fox. Lecturer of Education. Queens University, Belfast

EIT Food – Food Fortress

The systems and processes responsible for maintaining food supply chains are complex. The complexity of these systems can often lead to issues, including ‘food fraud’.

Food fraud is the deliberate and intentional substitution, addition, tampering, or misrepresentation of food, food ingredients, or food packaging.

Detecting food fraud is challenging because foods are exposed to risk at almost every stage of the supply chain. By using a combination of risk profiling and technologies such as multi-analytical tests and predictive analytics, EIT Food – Food Fortress aims to facilitate a rapid-reactive and proactive risk management approach specifically targeted at two supply chains – beef, and also herbs and spices.

As an EIT Food – Food Fortress project partner, Analytics Engines is building an application to help food manufacturers and processors understand and manage risks in their supply chains.  This includes capturing and categorising horizon scanning activities for use in building predictive models and visual analytics designed to collate information that can be displayed via interactive web-based dashboards and reporting tools.

Effective and impactful visualisations should be customised to the needs, interests and skills of the users to capture and hold their attention. Our work is designed to provide the maximum possible utility for EIT Food – Food Fortress and its end-users.

To find out more about EIT Food and our involvement, click HERE.

To read more about the impact that supply chain issues like food fraud can have on an organisation, be sure to also read our recent insights blogpost.

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