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Analytics Engines at KTN UK AI for Services on Tour Digital Roadshow

Analytics Engines were proud to take part in the recent digital roadshow event hosted by KTN UK titled AI for Services on Tour.

The event took attendees on a virtual road trip around the UK to showcase how innovative and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics are supporting organisations within the professional and financial services sector.

A recording of the Northern Ireland portion of the event can be found below. Analytics Engines CCO, Brendan McCarthy presentation begins at 18mins 40secs.

During the presentation, Brendan presented several of our solutions and discussed the innovative technologies behind them.

  • Cobalt Grant Manager (20mins)
    Initially developed for Innovate UK, Cobalt Grant Manager utilises Natural Language Processing and Semantic Understanding to identify fraud and perform similarity checks on large volumes of documents.In 2020, the solution supported the Applications & Assessment team at Innovate UK respond to the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. A White Paper showcasing the solution in more detail can be found HERE.
  • Xamine (21min 50secs)
    Developed for the Northern Ireland Audit Office, Xamine is a data enrichment, anomaly detection and ranking platform that enables financial investigators to identify of areas of concern more efficiently. More information regarding Xamine can be found HERE.
  • MINERVA (23min 20secs)
    Brendan concludes his presentation by showcasing MINERVA, our multi-modal enterprise search and discovery engine. The solution ingests data from a variety of disparate sources, to provide users to critical business insights into how various entities are connected. To find out more about MINERVA, click HERE.

Following the success of the event, Analytics Engines CCO, Brendan McCarthy said “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a clear and growing demand for data analytics solutions across a variety of industries. Our priority is developing solutions that help to bridge the gap between the data analytics aspirations of organisations and the reality of the skills marketplace.

For data analytics to be valuable in a business environment, it needs to be accessible, and we’re delighted to offer low code, no code solutions via an intuitive user interface that do just that.”

Additional Recording

Additional recordings of the event can be found HERE.

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