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Analytics Engines unveils plans for EDD platform launch

ILTA>ON, AUGUST 24-28: Leading AI and data analytics solutions provider Analytics Engines is in attendance at this year’s virtual ILTA>ON conference providing insights into an innovative Enhanced Due Diligence platform set for launch this Autumn.

According to Gartner, as many as 8-in-10 legal and compliance leaders identified third-party risk after the due diligence period and before recertification. Analytics Engines’ solution MINERVA is an augmented intelligence platform that delivers deeper enhanced due diligence insights via a no-code user interface. The technology surfaces hidden patterns and relationships and enables due diligence to become an ongoing and continuous real-time process.

Analytics Engines Chief Commercial Officer Brendan McCarthy said: “Information overload, poor quality and siloed data, as well as widening skills gaps, present real challenges for organizations engaged in due diligence processes. Through the power of Minerva, users are able to cut through the deluge, clearly understand complex relationships and receive enhanced insights and actionable intelligence.

“We are very pleased to be part of ILTA>ON and to be able to engage with the US legal sector and highlighting the utility of Minerva ahead of its launch in the Autumn.”

Key benefits of Minerva include:

  • Ease of ingestion: Connectors and integrations unify and blend data from both public and private sources.
  • Ease of access: No code approach means investigators do what they do best without technology bottlenecks.
  • Ease of interrogation: Intuitive UI and Natural Language Processing means users query and surface results in a language they understand.
  • Find the needle in the haystack: Fuzzy Matching finds hidden connections and can supply the context behind linkages and relationships.
  • See what was previously unseen: Knowledge Graph visualisations quickly show complex connections in a way designed to provide maximum understanding.
  • Real-time intelligence: Automation, rules and alerts offer continuous insights to inform decision making.

Whether flagging risks or compliance issues, alerting to changes in company ownership or status, or supporting fraud investigations, Minerva is a democratized data analytics platform created with usability in mind. The Belfast-based AI and data analytics firm has a strong track record in developing data solutions for internationally recognized institutions including Irish national broadcaster RTÉ, The National Gallery in London and national innovation agency Innovate UK.

To schedule a meeting with the Analytics Engines team to discuss MINERVA and the firm’s advanced analytics capability, via a Zoom meeting room, log on to

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by PJ Kirk

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